Buyable and Free Treehouse Designs

I’m excited to share this new ongoing directory with you!  Stay tuned for links to sites that have buyable or free treehouse designs and blueprints to help you build your very own treehouse.

I’ll be updating this regularly, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for, drop me a line and I’ll do my best to hook you up…or just check back again later for useful additions.

Treehouse Supplies has plans for sale…and all the parts you’ll need to make the most secure, enduring treehouse possible.

How to build your own treehouse with a slide and swing set.

How to build a double decker treehouse (Shows you but doesn’t provide blueprints or dimensions.)

How to build an A-frame treehouse

How to build a treehouse – article and plans (Precise and detailed — great for first-timers!)

Treehouse building micro-blog (No blueprints, but includes images, explanations, great pre-building advice, a list of handy tools and resource recommendations and links.)

A walk through the process.  (No blueprints, but he tells you in some detail how he built his treehouse from start to finish.  It’s a good read for anyone in the brainstorming process.  It’ll give you an pretty good idea of what’s involved.)

Treehouse plan — includes measurements and step-by-step instructions from choosing the right location to putting on the roof.

The most comprehensive treehouse plans imaginable — These are for sale and the company provides support consulting if that’s what you need.  Their very detailed, step-by-step plans are created with the complete beginner in mind.