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One More Thing About That Luxury Treehouse…

On Monday I blogged about a Canadian luxury treehouse and was all smiles about the whole thing.  But that’s not the whole truth and it’s been niggling at me ever since. I wanted to be positive about the project because it’s too easy to focus on the downsides.  Towards the end of that article I […]

Michael Garnier’s Treehouse Village

I was talking treehouse at a friend’s wedding this weekend with one of the guests. He told me about this amazing video of a man in Oregon who built the biggest treehouse. I’ve heard the largest treehouse claim from various sources before, so I wasn’t sure if I knew who he was talking about. He […]

Wise Words From Peter Bahouth

  A few months ago, I wrote a blog about Peter Bahouth’s treehouse in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia.  Following the Weather Channel’s cue (the original source of my blog), I referred to him as an architect. Peter read the post and emailed me: “Nice to be mentioned. But I’m NOT an architect. In fact […]

Upside-Down Treehouses

Okay, the treehouses aren’t actually upside-down. But I liked the title and I felt it captured something essential about the topic of this post: hunters turning spartan hunting outposts into citified treehouses.  Then I read this one and this one. What started out as rudimentary hunting perches have (d)evolved(?) into full-fledged forest houses. Originally hunters […]

When is a Treehouse not a Treehouse?

Question: When is a treehouse not a treehouse? Answer: When it’s anything else. Doing online research for treehouses is an interesting activity.  The vast majority of the sites that come up in a Google search for treehouses have little or nothing to do with treehouses. There’s Treehouse TV, which has nothing to with treehouses.  It’s […]

Mitchell Joachim’s Fab Hab Treehouse

Mitchell has a cool site with some visionary architectural ideas. One of my favorites is the pleached tree house — a home grown from live plants that are woven and bent into shape as sapplings to form the structure. The obvious comment: “Man, that must take a long time to make.” And it’s true, the […]