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Treehouse Tent From a Great Design Site

Are you looking for great treehouse design ideas? Doing my usual trolling for all things treehouse, I came across this super duper design website,  It rocks, okay? It has a section dedicated to treehouses.  How cool is that?  This site goes well beyond treehouses, including a lot of really cool inventions, like a trash […]

Canadian Treehouse Caters to Young and Old

    Here’s another amazing Canadian treehouse.  This one, in Durham, Ontario, is built by interior designer Lynne Knowlton. She built it out of a friend’s barn that got destroyed in a tornado a couple of years ago.  The local reclaimed material translates into very low environmental footprint in terms of fossil fuels consumed and […]

MirrorCube Reflective Treehouse for Sale

Makers of the Mirrorcube reflective skin tree house announce sale of a prefab version of their tree hotel. Three years ago I told you about reflective skin treehouses.  Until recently the only way you could enjoy these specimens of modern treehouse design was either to marvel at them online or, if you wanted an up […]

An In-city Retreat

“It’s very important to have some place in your life that’s a bit of a retreat from everything…that you can just sit and hear the birds,” says treehouse builder Peter Bahouth, who spends much of his leisure time in his urban treehouse oasis. “My personality has changed out here…I’m more focused, I’m more calm — […]

Pete Nelson’s Tardis Treehouse

Professional treehouse builder and author Pete Nelson created this gem in Puget Sound, Washington, which, like the Tardis, seems to be bigger inside than it looks from outside. This is home for a family of five! Sure, three of the residents are children, but it just goes to show just how open the possibilities are […]