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Michael Garnier’s Treehouse Village

I was talking treehouse at a friend’s wedding this weekend with one of the guests. He told me about this amazing video of a man in Oregon who built the biggest treehouse. I’ve heard the largest treehouse claim from various sources before, so I wasn’t sure if I knew who he was talking about. He […]

Sustainable Costa Rican Treehouse Community — A Slice of Heaven

Looks like I’ve died and gone to heaven again.  This time it’s over a sustainable Costa Rican treehouse community called Finca Bellavista. Don’t believe me?  Well I’ve included a fancy dancy video to prove that, as Belinda Carlisle so aptly put it, heaven is a place on Earth. I brought you a story recently about […]

$14,000 Idaho Treehouse Slated for the Government Chopping Block

Idaho resident Tremain Albright is slated to have his treehouse torn down today.  His treehouse, which he invested $14,0000 in to convert it into a family guesthouse, is situated in a cottonwood tree that hangs over Idaho’s Kootenai River. The army engineers who built and monitor a levy below the treehouse say they’re concerned that […]

HemLoft: Treehouse on the Edge

The story of HemLoft has caught the public imagination like wildfire.  Just after finding out about it myself, I had two friends email me the link to the webiste.  When a coworker of mine said he’d gone up to Whistler to ski, I asked him if he’d heard about HemLoft.  Hell, a couple of friends […]

Treesits: Finding Shelter in the Struggle for Wilderness

Tree sits are a way for environmental activists to protect forest. They do so by occupying tree perches in strategic places. Without doubt, the most famous tree sitter is Julia Butterfly Hill, who lived in her host, Luna, for a remarkable 738 days. The way tree sits work is that people place themselves in an […]

Living in a tree, God forbid!

I just read this article about a man living in a rudimentary treehouse, consisting of a platform covered by a tarp. The title of the piece is “Homeless man’s tree house to be torn down,” which raises a question. If he was living in a treehouse, was he really homeless? This happened in New York […]

Berkeley Treehouse Protests Sports Development

(AP Photo/Ben Margot) A tree house near Berkeley’s Campanile tower in Berkeley, California is inhabited by protestors who wish to save a grove of Oak trees from destruction to make room for a sports centre. The university wants to remove dozens of the picturesque oak trees, called evergreen coast live oaks, to build a $125 […]

Community Officers Bully Treehouse Kids “for their own safety”

A reprint of an article from The Herts Advertiser — Published in the United Kingdom. Boys ordered to stop building tree house A GROUP of young boys building a tree house in a St Albans wood were ordered to stop by Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) who confiscated their tools. The action has angered a […]