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Pole Hauz (Polish Treehouse)

Small and Fabulous: Modular Living as It Should Be By Rob Beschizza Image: Front Architects Article via Wired [link] 01.07.08 Single Hauz The Single Hauz, from Poland, is a modern treehouse design that offers approx 200 square feet of living space atop a cement pole. This allows it to be placed in a variety of […]

German Watertower Conversion to Treehouse lofts

  From the Inhabitat article: In Essen, Germany, Architects from the Madako group have transformed an historic water tower into an imaginative space for living and working that showcases a fusion of old and new with lasting environmental considerations. In its initial form, the Umbau Wasserturm (converted water tower) in Essen-Bredeney stood untouched under Germany’s […]

Would Concrete Desolation Row Fare Any Better in a Forest?

From Paleo-Future (link) are images of a failed futuristic housing project. “CanikPhotos has a great collection of photos from Taiwan of a housing development that was never completed. The set is called Desolation Row and has a companion set called Desolation Row Redux. Interestingly, a falling out between the business partners led to the development […]

A Soviet Era Building With Treehouse Envy

We-Make-Money-Not-Art blog entry documents Spectacular City, the exhibition at the Netherlands Institute of Architecture. “The image for today is the Ministry of Transportation. Shot in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, the photography brings out the conflict between a symbol of progress and its current state of decay.” This concrete monolith seems to be an attempt […]