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Bosco Verticale Redefines Treehouse Living

  Bosco Verticale, which translates from Italian as “the vertical forest”, is a whole new concept in living with nature. Not everyone has the luxury of access to wilderness in which to commune with nature. ┬áIn increasingly populated urban centres, many are deeply hemmed in by city with the nearest natural areas being a few […]

Grown Tree Root Bridges

These are the living bridges made from tree roots in Cherrapunji, India. Five hundred or so years ago, locals discovered a way to shape the roots of the Ficus Elastica tree (commonly known as the rubber tree) in a way that could provide the strength and support necessary for bridging rivers. The rubber tree’s roots […]

Arbo-Architecture: Botany Building Treehouses

Three architects from Germany — Ferdinand Ludwig, Oliver Storz, and Hannes Schwertfeger — are experimenting with a new specialty they call “building botany.” The idea is to use fast growing trees to create a living structure to support buildings such as houses. First, the architects build a conventional support structure. Young, flexible trees are attached […]

Mitchell Joachim’s Fab Hab Treehouse

Mitchell has a cool site with some visionary architectural ideas. One of my favorites is the pleached tree house — a home grown from live plants that are woven and bent into shape as sapplings to form the structure. The obvious comment: “Man, that must take a long time to make.” And it’s true, the […]