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House in the Clouds

I came across an intriguing article on about water towers that had been converted into living spaces. The images I’ve featured are from what appeared to be the least citified conversion — the House in the Clouds in Thorpeness, a region of Suffolk, England. It was originally made to look like a house in […]

Wood Disk Camouflage Foliage

Treehouses are a wonderful way to integrate a small private space within a natural wooded environment. However, due to the often ‘grey-area’ nature of such structures in a legal sense, most treehouses are clandestine endeavors that rely on a low profile to survive. Building high up in the trees offers some benefits in terms of […]

Treehouse Tent From a Great Design Site

Are you looking for great treehouse design ideas? Doing my usual trolling for all things treehouse, I came across this super duper design website,  It rocks, okay? It has a section dedicated to treehouses.  How cool is that?  This site goes well beyond treehouses, including a lot of really cool inventions, like a trash […]

Out’n’About in Treehouse Heaven!

Every once in a while you hit the jackpot.  Well I hit it huge when I came across Out’n’About Treehouse Treesort in Takilma, Oregon.  This place is the living manifestation of every treehouse lover’s wildest dreams.  There’s so much going on at this place that one blog post just wouldn’t do it justice. This imaginative […]

Canadian Treehouse Caters to Young and Old

    Here’s another amazing Canadian treehouse.  This one, in Durham, Ontario, is built by interior designer Lynne Knowlton. She built it out of a friend’s barn that got destroyed in a tornado a couple of years ago.  The local reclaimed material translates into very low environmental footprint in terms of fossil fuels consumed and […]

MirrorCube Reflective Treehouse for Sale

Makers of the Mirrorcube reflective skin tree house announce sale of a prefab version of their tree hotel. Three years ago I told you about reflective skin treehouses.  Until recently the only way you could enjoy these specimens of modern treehouse design was either to marvel at them online or, if you wanted an up […]

Holy Treehouse!

How’s this for a treehouse? The Chêne chapelle in France is possibly the oldest treehouse in the world.  Okay, it’s not exactly a treehouse; it’s a treechurch. The English translation of its name is “oak chapel”, which describes what it is in two words while understating its grandeur.  The 15 metre-high tree i(about 45 feet […]

HemLoft: Treehouse on the Edge

The story of HemLoft has caught the public imagination like wildfire.  Just after finding out about it myself, I had two friends email me the link to the webiste.  When a coworker of mine said he’d gone up to Whistler to ski, I asked him if he’d heard about HemLoft.  Hell, a couple of friends […]

Takasugi-an: Tea Tree House

Takasugi-an, which means means “a tea house [built] too high” located in Chino, Nagano Prefecture, Japan (photos by Edmund Sumner via Dezeen Blog). Takasugi-an was built by Terunobu Fujimori, a tea master, who has an interest in architecture and wished to push the limit and constraints of a traditional teahouse. I think it’s a good […]

Wilkinson Residence Models Treehouse Elegance

Robert Harvey Oshatz, Architect has designed a home called the ‘Wilkinson Residence’, after the owners, in Portland Oregon. “Located on a flag lot and a fast sloping grade provided the opportunity to bring the main level of the house into the tree canopy to evoke the feeling of being in a tree house.” Its a […]