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Bosco Verticale Redefines Treehouse Living

  Bosco Verticale, which translates from Italian as “the vertical forest”, is a whole new concept in living with nature. Not everyone has the luxury of access to wilderness in which to commune with nature.  In increasingly populated urban centres, many are deeply hemmed in by city with the nearest natural areas being a few […]

Modern Ewok Coffee Table Book

A coffee table book for those who strive for a sleek, clean looking treehouse dwelling.

Pass-through Tree Architecture

An example of architectural design that includes the tree within the structure — very applicable to treehouse design. Almost all single tree, and many multi-tree treehouse designs have to deal with the issue of accommodating the tree trunk passing through the structure itself. This is a hard problem because it is not possible to seal […]

UFO Treehouse!

  Have extra-terrestrials landed on planet Earth? Quite possibly.  What you see above, however, is from far closer to home. Part of Sweden’s übercool Treehotel — the folks who brought you the MirrorCube — this treehouse provides far out visitors an otherwordly experience.  The treehouses at Treehotel are built by some of Sweden’s foremost architects. […]

MirrorCube Reflective Treehouse for Sale

Makers of the Mirrorcube reflective skin tree house announce sale of a prefab version of their tree hotel. Three years ago I told you about reflective skin treehouses.  Until recently the only way you could enjoy these specimens of modern treehouse design was either to marvel at them online or, if you wanted an up […]

Ecocoon Treehouse Concept

Ecocoons are an eco retreat variation on the treehouse by London based architect Mathieu Collos. His design features a split level floorspace with different wall and floor orientations intended to optimize views and the interestness of the space. This also permits the use of full sized opening panels for terraced viewing and ventilation in the […]

Reflective Skin Treehouse

New computer generated images of the Harad’s tree hotel designed by Sweden’s Tham & Videgard Hansson Arkitekterhave been released. The Harad’s is an aluminum skinned cube set in a single tree. The choice of exterior materials makes sense: aluminium is light weight, weather resistant, and can be polished to a mirror shine. This reflective characteristic […]

Mitchell Joachim’s Fab Hab Treehouse

Mitchell has a cool site with some visionary architectural ideas. One of my favorites is the pleached tree house — a home grown from live plants that are woven and bent into shape as sapplings to form the structure. The obvious comment: “Man, that must take a long time to make.” And it’s true, the […]