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  Always looking for new treehouse ideas?  As summer transitions into fall and our days of treehouse living and building get harder, I’m super excited to share a new find with you! Someone I know facebooked a blog post from this awesome website called My post was going to be about the article I […]

Treehouse Blogs – The Wisdom of Experience

It’s spring again and you’re probably thinking about building that treehouse you’ve been dreaming about but never got around to building.  You can read all the books and take all the courses you want, but there’s nothing like lived experience.  That’s where treehouse blogs come in handy. If you’re looking to build a treehouse, chances […]

Sustainable Costa Rican Treehouse Community — A Slice of Heaven

Looks like I’ve died and gone to heaven again.  This time it’s over a sustainable Costa Rican treehouse community called Finca Bellavista. Don’t believe me?  Well I’ve included a fancy dancy video to prove that, as Belinda Carlisle so aptly put it, heaven is a place on Earth. I brought you a story recently about […]

Trout Gulch Treehouses

I came across this inspiring little community in Aptos, California.  This intentional community of just 18 people have been extremely busy, applying their building skills and elbow grease to create a dream village.  One of the things that makes their project so dreamy is the fact that they incorporated treehouses into their designs. They’ve been […]