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Five Simple Tips for Harmonious Treehouse Building

Needless to say, people who love treehouses love trees. But how to live harmoniously with nature without hurting it? This is one of humanity’s greatest challenges. Here are a few easy ideas that will help you build a longer-lasting structure that does the least amount of damage to the trees. 1.Say nope to the rope. […]

Treehouse Related Injury Statistics

Medical researchers in Ohio published statistics showing that in the US 2,800 children a year are hurt in treehouse related accidents. The injuries ranged from bruises to broken bones, but all were serious enough to send the children to the emergency room. To put this statistic into perspective: Other research found treehouse injuries to be […]

Simple Tree House Tips

There is a nice article in the Cherokee Sentinel about basic tips for building a treehouse. Below I’ve paraphrased and added to their recommendations: Choose strong mature trees to build in such as: oak, beech, maple, fir, and hemlock. Consider branch thickness and how best to support the weight of the tree house. Design in […]

How to Build A Treehouse So Inspectors Won’t Come

Reprint from the Vancouver Sun HOW TO BUILD SO INSPECTORS WON’T COME You don’t need a building permit to erect a tree fort in Vancouver, however, here are some things to keep in mind: – Build it in the back yard, not the front yard. – Don’t put up a structure that’s more than 100 […]