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  Always looking for new treehouse ideas?  As summer transitions into fall and our days of treehouse living and building get harder, I’m super excited to share a new find with you! Someone I know facebooked a blog post from this awesome website called My post was going to be about the article I […]

What’s the Best Treehouse Wood?

What’s the best treehouse wood? At some point in the planning process, you have to consider what materials you’re going to use to build your treehouse. The best treehouse wood for you certainly depends on how much money you have to spend, and how long you want your treehouse to last. Often less considered, but […]

Treehouse Zip Lines

Ever fantasized about being on a mountain or up a tree and having a magical zip line that would zoom you through space?  That dream isn’t far from reality.  Wanna build an Ewok treehouse village, whisking from tree to tree?  Then zip lines are the way to go! 3 zip line resources to get you […]

Treehouse Blogs – The Wisdom of Experience

It’s spring again and you’re probably thinking about building that treehouse you’ve been dreaming about but never got around to building.  You can read all the books and take all the courses you want, but there’s nothing like lived experience.  That’s where treehouse blogs come in handy. If you’re looking to build a treehouse, chances […]

Treehouse Elevator: Take It to the Next Level

So maybe you’ve already got some treehouse plans. Or maybe you’ve already built your treehouse.  The ladder is the traditional method of getting up into the clouds and spending time in your dream house.  But the imagination is the only limit when it comes to treehouses (or anything else, for that matter), so you need […]

The John Malkovich Treehouse

Did you know that John Malkovich had a treehouse? Here’s the scoop:  The year was 1993.  The place, near Malkovich’s Provence, France house.  A group of local residents was lobbying for a treehouse in a nearby park.   Malkovich contributed money to the project.  For those of you familiar with government reactions to treehouses, it will […]

Treehouse Building Tips Video

  This is an excellent video for anyone looking for treehouse building tips.  It gives you a quick overview of how this team of professional builders erected this massive Oregon treehouse.  It gives some insight into some of the problems they faced while building this treehouse and how they overcame them. You also get to […]

Treehouse Building Workshops Allow You to Build it Yourself

              Treehouse Building Workshops Looking for a place that will teach you the skills and give you the confidence you need to build your own treehouse — or start a business helping others build them?  Then check out the Treehouse Institute. Since 1996, they’ve been teaching treehouse building workshops […]

Canadian Handy”man” Directory

I  came across this great handy”man” directory I thought would be useful for Canadians looking for professional treehouse help.  Though it’s not a treehouse builders’ directory (which David & I hope to bring you in the future), it is a great place to look for people with professional skills who may be interested in applying […]

mmp architects treehouse

Are you looking for a design plan for something more upscale?  mmp architects have released their floor plan for this Australian luxury treehouse. Image from: