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Pass-through Tree Architecture

An example of architectural design that includes the tree within the structure — very applicable to treehouse design. Almost all single tree, and many multi-tree treehouse designs have to deal with the issue of accommodating the tree trunk passing through the structure itself. This is a hard problem because it is not possible to seal […]

Toronto’s Elliott Treehouse

Designed by Nicko Björn Elliott and built in Toronto, Canada, this treehouse has some great design ideas for do-it-yourself builders. First, I have to say, I really like the use of the translucent fiberglass siding throughout. If you’re not concerned about insulating for warmth, this material is cheap, very weatherproof, and allows for a bright […]

Treehouse Builder Looking for Contacts in New Zealand

I received an e-mail from Peter Fry, a carpenter in England, who is looking for treehouse building contacts in New Zealand. Pete has 3 years experience working with Squirrel Design Treehouse builders in the UK and is looking for similar work in NZ for a time. Send me an e-mail if you’d like a connection […]

Shingled Mounds for Treehouse Inspiration

Photo credit Lyndon Douglas via designboom Radical Nature: Art and Architecture for a Changing Planet 1969-2009 is a show at the Barbican Art Gallery, London. The central theme is ‘designers working with nature’, and provides examples from the land art movement, environmental activism, experimental architecture and utopianism. One piece titled “I am so sorry. Goodbye” […]

Grown Tree Root Bridges

These are the living bridges made from tree roots in Cherrapunji, India. Five hundred or so years ago, locals discovered a way to shape the roots of the Ficus Elastica tree (commonly known as the rubber tree) in a way that could provide the strength and support necessary for bridging rivers. The rubber tree’s roots […]

Chuckanut Tree Office

Peter Frazier has an office in the woods that would make any treehouse enthusiast take notice. The design has glass on three sides and is positioned on a cantilevered deck that looks over the densely forested shores of Chuckanut Bay in Bellingham, Washington. In Lifehacker, Peter describes his motivation for building this office getaway: Like […]

Arbo-Architecture: Botany Building Treehouses

Three architects from Germany — Ferdinand Ludwig, Oliver Storz, and Hannes Schwertfeger — are experimenting with a new specialty they call “building botany.” The idea is to use fast growing trees to create a living structure to support buildings such as houses. First, the architects build a conventional support structure. Young, flexible trees are attached […]

Hackberry Auto House

Another testament to the strength and perseverance of trees. This is a Japanese hackberry tree, which sprouted from a seed dropped in a junkyard by a bird, and after 25 years, has managed to lift a car in the air. Various other parts are arrayed around the trunk as branches of the tree grew through […]

Goats inTreehouses

In my usual web browsing today I found a piece about goats and treehouses. Turns out these animals love treehouses, towers, and any other structure they can climb to get up off the ground and survey their surroundings. The first image is of an elevated goat pen. The goats at Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark, […]

Yellow Treehouse from New Zealand

Interesting marketing / sponsorship / restaurant / architectural collaboration going on in New Zealand. This treehouse was a commissioned work by Yellow Pages as the set for a ‘reality’ TV advertisement. Pacific Environments Architects was called upon to design an in-the-trees functioning restaurant in a Redwood tree (over 40m high and 1.7m diameter at the […]