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Bear Stuck in Garbage Box Video

This little survivalist bear cub got stuck raiding the outdoor garbage and an adventurous owner works to release him while the momma bear looks on. When working in the woods always be aware of your surroundings — the person didn’t know the momma bear was so close by and watching — and the outcome could […]

Treehouse build Animation

A nice little animation of a tree house creation — built for his daughter — by reddit user doownek.

Baumraum builds another treehouse: Halle

I’m delighted by this little treehouse. Let me list the ways: First, the oblong shape is ideal: organic and efficient. That extra space provided by the curve makes it much more habitable than an A frame. At 11 meters off the ground, and nestled in the foliage, this treehouse is certainly not merely an outbuilding […]

ArborCasa built treehouse with bridge

An Imgur user named ArborCasa has posted photos of his treehouse build for a client. Quite a nice concept of bridging from the existing home deck over to a tree house platform perched in an old oak tree. Ladders and stairs are always an awkward problem for a stand alone treehouse design and this bridge […]

Historical Tree Trunk Rolling

These sections of tree were so big, it wasn’t really possible to drag them out like standard timber. So, they would roll them out using cables and horse teams. Sometimes, they would purposefully shape a round section to act as a roller — you can see in this image that they’ve smoothed the ends┬áto form […]

Historical Tree Trunks Used as Campers

Sometimes, a man wants to stand out from the crowd. In this case, an early 1900’s fellow purchased a section of a massive Douglas Fir and hollowed it out to make himself a nice camper trailer for his truck. He was envied for his dominance over nature. Fashions happen in cycles, and today in 2014, […]

Historical Logging: Tree Trunks as Bridges

Back when massive trees were plentiful, folks would cut them down and use them as bridges. You could drive your car across the tree trunk no problem. You could also drive a stream train over one. Although, this would be seen as showing off. Fortunately, tree bridges like this were often a temporary measure, as […]

Historical Logging Transport

Back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, when it came time to transporting large trees out of the woods, steam train was the way to go. The scale of the logs makes the train look like a child’s toy.

Historical Logging

There were massive trees back in the 1800’s, and if you wanted to cut it down, you had to really earn it by hand.

Modern Ewok Coffee Table Book

A coffee table book for those who strive for a sleek, clean looking treehouse dwelling.