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Wood Disk Camouflage Foliage

Treehouses are a wonderful way to integrate a small private space within a natural wooded environment. However, due to the often ‘grey-area’ nature of such structures in a legal sense, most treehouses are clandestine endeavors that rely on a low profile to survive. Building high up in the trees offers some benefits in terms of […]

Instant Pop-up Treehouse

Here is a nifty instant up treehouse from Sam van Veluw and Rogier Martens at the Aandeboom design studio in the Netherlands. The flat-pack treehouse they call the “Zelfbouwboomhut” is a plywood structure, made up of puzzle-like pieces, that comes shipped in a flat cardboard box and can be set-up and hung in a tree […]

Temporary Treehouse Shelters

This tree house design from Recetas Urbanas speaks to the homeless problem I discussed earlier. It is an installation from 2001 in Sevilla designed as temporary treehouse shelter for the urban guerrilla. The modus operandi as quoted in their site: – Occupation of a tree with provisional shelter. – Resistance to urban politics. – Light […]

Mitchell Joachim’s Fab Hab Treehouse

Mitchell has a cool site with some visionary architectural ideas. One of my favorites is the pleached tree house — a home grown from live plants that are woven and bent into shape as sapplings to form the structure. The obvious comment: “Man, that must take a long time to make.” And it’s true, the […]