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Treehouse Music: 9 Songs To Get You Groovin’

In this blog, we talk a lot about building treehouses.  But what are you listening to while your building?  What you need is a playlist of treehouse music. This post is dedicated to connecting you with treehouse music — songs that have something to do with treehouses — bands called Treehouse, songs called Treehouse, and […]

Living in a Treehouse

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably wondered what living in a treehouse would be like. Well this new video interviews 3 people who have done just that. In this video, Treehouse Masters host Michael Garnier and treehouse owners Christina Sommers and Brian Little tell us what living in a treehouse is like. They cover really […]

A Treehouse Post-Halloween Movie!

  Treehouse, the horror movie, is due to be released on November 16th…curiously 16 days after Halloween, in what must be one of the most poorly-planned release dates in recent history. Anyway, it’s about treehouses, which is right cool.  Its pre-release rating (something I don’t quite understand…how can it have a rating if it hasn’t […]

Bosco Verticale Redefines Treehouse Living

  Bosco Verticale, which translates from Italian as “the vertical forest”, is a whole new concept in living with nature. Not everyone has the luxury of access to wilderness in which to commune with nature.  In increasingly populated urban centres, many are deeply hemmed in by city with the nearest natural areas being a few […]

Treehouses Built by Kids

What do you think about treehouses built by kids?  Think about it…we all know that kids of all ages love treehouses.  Typically, though, parents build them for rather than with their kids.  Well here’s an awesome site I came across called Built By Kids, which cultivates family bonds by involving children in DIY projects — […]

Treehouse Food Gardening

Say it with me now: Treehouse food gardening!  You’ve probably never heard them in that combination, but don’t those 3 words sound great together? Treehouses and food gardening both represent a sense of self-sufficiency and commune with nature. So why not do them both? If your treehouse is snuggled inside the tree’s canopy, the first […]

Secret Treehouses

What’s cooler than treehouses?  Secret treehouses, of course!  Much of a treehouse’s appeal involves communing with nature, sharing some special bond away from the madding crowd.  When living in urban centres, this can be very hard to accomplish without a little secrecy. Secret treehouses are also a powerful way to return to that feeling of […]

Treehouse Playground Helps Children Heal

When Typhoon Yolanda struck the Philippines on November 8, 2013, it clocked in as the country’s deadliest ever.  It was the strongest storm to ever hit land.  It traumatized many, including children.  In order to help them get over their fear of water and renew their youthful spirits, Sagkahan Elementary School in Tacloban had a […]

Be in a Treehouse with Pete Nelson

Spring is here and with it thoughts turn to another season of treehouses.  Pete Nelson’s timing is therefore impeccable.  In the interview, above, reporter Allie Merriam interviews renowned veteran treehouse designer Pete Nelson on his latest publication. Pete Nelson’s new work is appropriately called Be in a Treehouse.  Appropriate because it imparts how to […]

A Treehouse Comic Book!

Check out this cool new treehouse comic book.  Situating a story line around a treehouse…what a great idea!