Work in an Office Treehouse

office treehouse

Okay so maybe you never got that treehouse you always wanted as a child. And maybe you don’t have the space or the time to build one of your own anytime soon. Sounds like you need an office treehouse.

Introducing Treehouse 2. These innovative office designs by Dymitr Malcew, and pictured above, are inspired by the look and feel of real treehouses. The natural-looking wood exterior encases a cozy little office nook that allows you to get away from it all while being right in the middle of everything. You can operate solo or wheel two pods together to create an intimate space for two to four staff.

Of course, you don’t have to mix business with pleasure. You can simply use this pod in your home as a little place to get away from home life for a while. Kids who live in rural settings would also benefit from these cozy nooks. They’re the ultimate combination of treehouse and fort!

It’s an interesting idea. I’d like to see studies on office productivity compared to more open, less personal office environments. If you need others to motivate you, this hideaway may not be for you. If you’re self-motivated and introspective, however, this might be the perfect place for you to do your best work.

In recent times we’ve been blessed by highly portable technology that allows many of us to escape the office cubicle and work from wherever we want. If your workplace isn’t willing or able to provide you with a funky, cozy office treehouse, you may be in a position to make your own office treehouse at home or even build an honest to goodness treehouse you can work in.

Your Office Treehouse Has No Limits

Treehouses are about using our creativity and imaginations so office treehouses don’t have to be limited to ideas along the lines of Treehouse 2. Take, for instance, this chic rentable outdoor office treehouse, which wraps itself around an outdoor tree.

Aptly called TREExOFFICE, this artsy blend of treehouse and office provides fairweather outdoor productivity. Given the roofless design, you’ll want to pick your rental day(s) very carefully!

The folks at Blue Sky Studios came up with a much more practical and fun-looking office treehouse design for their movie production administration. Here are my favourite quotes from this article where the team explains their evolution to an office treehouse:

“I never had a tree house growing up,” said Animation Supervisor Nick Bruno, “so we thought, what better time to make one than now?”

“It’s great to have your workplace be an inspiring escape during crunch time,” says Carroll, “we need to be reminded not to take ourselves so seriously.”

All this to say, If you’ve given up on building a treehouse, in the sky, you may be able to build one in the office!

Image: Slate