Treehouse Music: 9 Songs To Get You Groovin’

treehouse music: Ane Brun singing "Treehouse Song"
treehouse music: Ane Brun singing "Treehouse Song"

Treehouse Music: Ane Brun singing “Treehouse Song”

In this blog, we talk a lot about building treehouses.  But what are you listening to while your building?  What you need is a playlist of treehouse music.

This post is dedicated to connecting you with treehouse music — songs that have something to do with treehouses — bands called Treehouse, songs called Treehouse, and songs that mention a treehouse.

I think this treehouse music would be interesting to make a treehouse mix album out of.  It took me a few hours of research to put this post together, but it was worth it to deepen people’s treehouse experiences with the raw materials for a soundtrack.

If you end up making a treehouse music mix with these songs, please let us know what order you put them in so that others can benefit.  That would really help a lot of people out.  In the meantime, enjoy this treehouse music!

1. Music by Treehouse!

I found this smooth-sounding Reggae band out of North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina called Treehouse! (Yes, the exclamation mark is part of the name.)  They don’t have any songs that mention treehouses, but you’ll forget all about that when you’re dancing to their grooves.  Plus if you buy their music, half your money goes to charity…how cool is that?

2. “Treehouse” by Gold Fields

This song is uber catchy and upbeat with a great retro 80s sound.  This young Australian band sounds full of the promise of future success.  In fact they were chosen as one of MTV’s Artists To Watch for 2013.

Though the song lyrics don’t mention a treehouse, they suggest that the song may have been inspired by someone trying to find a treehouse at night on a date.  The video is also partly set amongst trees.  The music will definitely get you feeling motivated to build or hang out in a treehouse!

3. “Treehouse Song” by Ane Brun

This heartwarming Norwegian singer/songwriter has an entrancing silken voice that may convince you to check out her other songs.  That would be a good move!  This song specifically mentions treehouses in reverent terms:

We were gonna live in a tree house and make babies
And we were gonna bury our ex-lovers and their ghosts
Baby we were made of gold

What an ideal pick for chillin’ in the trees.

4. “Treehouse” by Ifan Dafydd

This chill and trippy number by this rising Welsh producer will make you wonder whether someone spiked your drink with LSD.  The song mentions a treehouse, which is cool.  What it says, however, is difficult to make out amongst the psychedelic music.  If you’re up for the full hallucinogenic experience, check out the video, too.

5. “Treehouse” by Buffalo Rodeo

This is another upbeat song.  If you’re building your treehouse, this song’s driving beat will get you moving.  The band’s from Bowling Green, Kentucky but you’ll think they came straight outta heaven when you hear keybordist and vocalist Jordan Reynolds’s voice crescendo transcendantly midway through the song.  Pure treehouse magic!  Check out their music…

6. “Enchanted Treehouse” by Immediate Music

Immediate Music is a company that produces music for commercial uses.  You can listen to this treehouse-themed instrumental as background music while building or hanging out in your treehouse.  This subdued but inspiring is easy on the ears and suitable for many occasions.

7. “Tree House” by Charity and the JAMband

No treehouse music playlist is complete without a kids’ song.  This one is fun, gets children involved in physical actions, and has a dreamy tropical feel to it.  Here’s the video — the actual music starts at 2:08.  I also found this cover, in case you’re looking for a little more variety with this one.  The cover uses rhythm sticks for the actions.

8. “Tree House” by Adam Again

This 1988 release by the defunct Huntington Beach, California band reminds me musically of Dire Straits’s “Money for Nothing” as well as Bruce Cockburn.  Because of the 80s feel, I think this one would go nicely either before or after the Gold Fields song (number 2).

“Tree House” is explicitly about a treehouse and draws larger conclusions about the world and the way we treat each other based on the way children play in treehouses.  Pretty cool.  I managed to track down the lyrics for you, too.

9. “Treehouse” by I’m From Barcelona

This is my favourite find because it’s so upbeat and fun…and because this is the absolutely perfect song to play the moment you complete your treehouse.  This video is live, which captures the triumphal feeling you’ll have when that last screw is turned and the final nail is hammered into place.

Go ahead, gather your friends and loved ones and crank this treehouse music anthem as you dance for joy at your new treehouse.  “I have built a treehouse…nobody can see us now because it’s a you and me house!”

Well, there you have it… 7 songs to add to your treehouse music roster.  If you have or know of other treehouse music that I haven’t mentioned, please let us know and I’ll add it to the list.   In the meantime, happy holidays and enjoy some of these great treehouse music finds : )