Living in a Treehouse

Brian Little shows off his treehouse.
Brian Little shows that living in a treehouse can be comfortable.

Brian Little shows off his Washington treehouse.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably wondered what living in a treehouse would be like. Well this new video interviews 3 people who have done just that.

In this video, Treehouse Masters host Michael Garnier and treehouse owners Christina Sommers and Brian Little tell us what living in a treehouse is like. They cover really important issues and questions anyone wanting to be living in a treehouse wants to know, like:

  • permit issues and how to get around them
  • how to make money from treehouse building
  • what living in a treehouse teaches you (lessons)
  • downsides to living in a treehouse
  • how much it costs to build one
  • how long it takes
  • how long it will last and how to make it last

Inspiration for Living in a Treehouse

This video, published five days ago by the Atlantic media outlet, is very informative for anyone wanting to know what living in a treehouse is like. It’s also extremely inspiring. These interviews show that you can build a treehouse no matter what skills you have or lack, and the builders’ satisfaction is palpable.

They make you want to jump off your chair and get living in a treehouse of your own. That’s pretty much exactly what Brian Little did and he couldn’t be happier.  Here’s what he had to say about it:

I put about $5,000 into the materials, and I had it done from start to finish in about 4 and a half months. I never dreamed that I would have so much fun doing this!

Living in a treehouse is often considered merely a childhood dream. Well these folks make it clear that this may be true, but childhood doesn’t end in youth. As Christina Sommers puts it, “There’s something about a treehouse that forces you to make light and to feel lighter. I think it’s because there’s a child in all of us.”

Michael Garnier feels much the same way about living in a treehouse. “I know treehouses can be for adults. Basically an adult is just an older kid. You could be 15 or 45 and still have a treehouse,” he says.

So what are you waiting for? It’s winter now, which is the perfect time to be planning building and living in a treehouse this summer. How inspiring is that?  If you want to take the next step, make sure to check the closing credits for important links and contact info on the treehouse owners.

Looking for more insight into living in a treehouse?  Here’s an article from a man who lived in a treehouse and wrote a book about it.