A Treehouse Post-Halloween Movie!

Treehouse, the horror movie


Treehouse, the horror movie

“Mighty St. Michael, be our protection against the devil and his shadows that lurk in the dark…”

Treehouse, the horror movie, is due to be released on November 16th…curiously 16 days after Halloween, in what must be one of the most poorly-planned release dates in recent history.

Anyway, it’s about treehouses, which is right cool.  Its pre-release rating (something I don’t quite understand…how can it have a rating if it hasn’t been released?  But I digress…)  is a spectacularly low 4.1 on IMDB.  For true diehard treehouse fans, though, none of this will keep us away from a viewing.

In the meantime, check out the trailer!

Image: Bleeding Edge Films