Treehouses Built by Kids

Treehouses built by kids: 78 designs

What do you think about treehouses built by kids?  Think about it…we all know that kids of all ages love treehouses.  Typically, though, parents build them for rather than with their kids.  Well here’s an awesome site I came across called Built By Kids, which cultivates family bonds by involving children in DIY projects — in this case, treehouses.

They recently featured 78 images of different treehouse designs.  They range in complexity and certainly parent-child teams would select the simpler ones to work on together, but there are many to choose from for all tastes.

All We Are Saying is Give Kids a Chance

Never underestimate a child’s ability to come up with useful and innovative design ideas.  A few years ago, my partner bought a backpack that was designed by youth.  It incorporated a few novel ideas that make it a very versatile bag.

Makes sense when you think about it, because one of the best ways to think outside the box is to consult with those who haven’t been enclosed by it already.  In other words, treehouses built by kids is a winning idea with a lot of potential.

There are few things that instill more pride and a sense of accomplishment that building your own treehouse. So, if you’re thinking about building a treehouse for your child, definitely consider including them in the process.  Treehouses built by kids instill a sense of self-confidence, cultivate their manual dexterity, math skills, planning abilities, spacial awareness, and building capabilities.

Treehouse Building Keeps Kids Engaged

A treehouse project will also keep them busy and engaged while building your connection through quality time working on a common goal.  What elements of the design and building stages can you have your child do?  The planning stage is one of the most exciting stages in treehouse development.

Children love to use their imaginations, build, and anticipate the future.  These are all major aspects of treehouse building.  With their limitless minds, treehouses built by kids are certain to stretch the current limits of treehouse design.

Do you know of any treehouses built by kids?  Have you built a treehouse with your child?  If so, how did it go?  What did your child enjoy, what were they good at, and what didn’t work so well that you wouldn’t mind warning other parents about?

Image: Built By Kids