Be in a Treehouse with Pete Nelson

Spring is here and with it thoughts turn to another season of treehouses.  Pete Nelson’s timing is therefore impeccable.  In the interview, above, reporter Allie Merriam interviews renowned veteran treehouse designer Pete Nelson on his latest publication.

Pete Nelson’s new work is appropriately called Be in a TreehouseAppropriate because it imparts how to get your treehouse from the idea stage to actually being in your treehouse.  Now how exciting is that?  If you haven’t built your dream treehouse yet or are wanting to build the skills you’ve already developed from building one, this may be the book for you.

Weighing it at over 2 lbs, the 224-page book hit shelves March 24th.  The bulk of the treehouse books on the market feature inspiring treehouses but come up short in the how-to department.  Refreshingly, the  Treehouse Master’s latest book has plenty of both.  He says in the interview,

I really get into the nitty gritty of how to do planning, design, and construction.  And that’s about the first third or more of the book and then the last part is interesting treehouses from around the world.

The 3 Amazon reviews the book has to date are all very positive and praise Nelson’s inclusion of practical information on how to build a treehouse from planning and design to construction.  This is a distillation of Pete Nelson’s decades of treehouse know-how.

I have yet to get my hands on this latest treasure, but will definitely let you know when I do.  If you’ve ripped into it, please share your thoughts on it below!

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Pete Nelson: Treehouse MastersImage credit: If It’s Hip, It’s Here