A Treehouse Addition

Sakhiba Khairulla takes in the stunning view from her new treehouse addition.

Sakhiba Khairulla takes in the view from her new treehouse addition.

If you’ve been dreaming about building your own treehouse but haven’t yet, take heart.  The opportunity may come in an unexpected way.

This story is a beautiful example of thinking outside the box.  When faced with a choice between cutting down a tree and building around it, Samad Firdosy and Sakhiba Khairulla decided to build around.  With the help of a friend’s architecture company and some engineers, the couple came up with a dazzling solution — a treehouse addition.

True to Treehouse Principles

The treehouse addition isn’t built up in a tree, but it follows some of the basic elements of treehouse design philosophy:

  1. Its design respects the surrounding environment.
  2. Its leafy view puts you in touch with nature.
  3. It has a highly creative, playful design.

Samad and Sakhiba’s treehouse addition opens up a world of ideas for treehouse enthusiasts.  Instead of thinking about a separate little hut in the canopy, you could make your dream a reality by incorporating treehouse design into an addition to your current home.

The treehouse addition cost the LA-area couple $200,000, so it wasn’t cheap.  But given land values and construction costs, it’s amazing how much they were able to get for that price tag.  Using reclaimed wood and some do-it-yourself spirit and sensibility, you could slash your costs substantially.

If you’ve been reading this blog or are well-versed in treehouse politics, you’ll know how difficult it can be to get a building permit for treehouses.  The fact that the treehouse addition is built on the ground rather than suspended in the trees allows you to use more conventionally accepted building methods to get the same effect — an elevated sense of communion with nature.

If after reading this, you find yourself inspired to build a treehouse addition, do us one favour, will you?  Send us pictures!

Image credit: LA Times