DIY Treehouse Designs From Tiny Houses

Looking for great do-it-yourself treehouse designs?  Well you’re in luck because I found a goldmine of a video for anyone interested in exploring some amazing ideas for building your own treehouse!

DIY Treehouse Ideas Galore

In August, I reported on Derek Diedricksen’s tiny writer’s retreat. Well this video goes above and beyond that great story: Derek gives us a tour of his tiny house backyard workshop with up-close-and-personal visits around his legendary creations.

The video features a few treehouses, including “The Wolf’s Den” and “The Wedgie”, which you see at the beginning…both excellent models for a DIY treehouse of your own.

Derek is a master of creating small spaces which you can easily build as treehouses. The magic of these designs is in the simplicity, the creativity, the low-rent approach, and the re-use and of materials. What would otherwise be headed for the landfill gets re-purposed into what could be a modest dream treehouse.

It’s amazing just how humble and small yet functional and charming these tiny houses are. Because of the extremely limited square footage, every inch becomes precious. Derek shows you how you can maximize function in these minimal spaces — exactly what you want to do with your treehouse!

DIY Treehouse Resources

The video also mentions a couple of excellent resources for further DIY treehouse explorations :

When you’re done watching the video, you can check out a ton of related videos that will give you limitless horizons of further ideas for your DIY treehous…aaaah, the wonders of Youtube!

Do you have any tips, tricks, pics or designs you’d care to share to help others build their own DIY trehouse? Please be sure to share!