Ready for Treehouse School?

Yestermorrow — A Treehouse School for the Rest of Us

the treehouse that yestermorrow treehouse school built

The approach to the Yestermorrow treehouse


Have you always dreamed of building your own treehouse, but don’t know a hammer from a plank?  Or maybe you have some skills but need inspiration, motivation, or a brush-up on your knowledge?

If this sounds like you, it might be time to enroll in treehouse school at Yestermorrow in Waitsfield, Vermont.  Yestertomorrow isn’t just a treehouse school; it’s an entire institution devoted to sustainable design and building for non-professionals.

A big part of treehouse philosophy is living in harmony with the earth.  Another is self-sufficiency.  At treehouse school, you learn both.  The week-long sustainable treehouse design & construction course trains lay people how to go through the entire treehouse-building process from A to Z.

The course description reads in part:

Building a sustainable tree house is among the most interesting, exhilarating and enlightening projects imaginable….How do we build in a natural setting without despoiling the very nature that supports us? This timeless design problem underlies our entire program.

If you’re looking for lots of hands-on training and mentorship, you won’t be disappointed.  The course description indicates that  students will learn how to plan and build a sustainable treehouse by creating one onsite under professional tutelage.  Treehouse school doesn’t get any more practical than that!

If you find your time at treehouse school rewarding, Yestermorrow offers more than 30 other courses in the areas of woodworking, design, construction, masonry and permaculture.  Courses range from 2 to 14 days long. Heck you might even be inspired to help others build treehouses of their own — maybe even start up a business doing it.  With these down-to-earth skills for up-in-the-air-living, the sky really is the limit.

If you’re lucky enough to live in the area, you’ve got it made.  If getting there requires some concerted effort, time and money, you might think about taking your next vacation there.  It’s likely a lot of focus and hard work, which isn’t the dream vacation for most of us; but when you leave, you’ll be equipped with the skills and confidence to build your own treehouse in a sustainable way…and that’s priceless!

After inquiring about tuition and sessions, I got an email back from the enrollment director Luke Cady saying that the treehouse course takes place once a year.  The next one is scheduled for Aug 31- Sept 7, 2014.  The estimated tuition is $1225 — this may change slightly by the time they publish the course on their website.  Luke was kind enough to provide links to local accommodations on campus and off.

Have you gone to Yestermorrow’s treehouse school or another similar place?  If so, where was it and what was your experience like?

Wishing you a peaceful, safe and joyful holiday season…keep on dreaming!

Image credit: Yestermorrow
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