Inspiring Treehouse Design Ideas

the 180 sq.ft. Everts home offers inspiring treehouse design ideas

Are you looking for inspiring treehouse design ideas?  That’s where Tammy Everts comes in.  Her husband John and friend Stefan built their place in a fortnight.  At a demure 180 square feet, it has served as weekend host to a family of two adults, two children…and a dog!

In this awesome apartment therapy article, Tammy describes the design, build, and furnishing of her family’s gorgeous tiny home away from home on British Columbia’s Gambier Island.

Tammy proves that you really can do this with no special skills and not very much money.  She tells you in detail how they did it and the mistakes they overcame in the process. If that’s not inspiring treehouse design ideas of your own, I don’t know what is.  Maybe pictures?  Okay then — take her virtual house tour.

Many people permanently delay building a treehouse because of some of the difficulties Tammy’s family got around — not enough money, not enough expertise, not enough space…the list goes on.  If this sounds like you, read Tammy’s article and consider how much they did for so little. If this story doesn’t kickstart you to build your dream treehouse, it’s quite possible that nothing else will.

Tammy ended up selling this slice of heaven for $199,000 earlier this year — something to think about for those entrepreneurs out there looking for a way to turn a passion into a business.  Keeping in mind that the home has no electricity and is extremely petite, that price tag is mighty impressive!

Have you built or furnished a treehouse that is amazingly functional for its size?  If so, please leave a note — and hopefully a link to images — in the comments to inspire your fellow dreamers…it’s getting cold these days and we all need inspiring treehouse design ideas to keep our inner fires burning until spring.

Image credit: apartment therapy