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This beauty should spark your treehouse ideas!

This beauty should spark your treehouse ideas!

Always looking for new treehouse ideas?  As summer transitions into fall and our days of treehouse living and building get harder, I’m super excited to share a new find with you! Someone I know facebooked a blog post from this awesome website called Tinyhouselistings.com.

My post was going to be about the article I received, entitled “The Top 5 Benefits of Tiny House Living”, but when I started exploring the site itself, I got giddy with what I found and knew I had a fantastic new gem to share with you.  It’s sure to inspire some wondrous new treehouse ideas in you.

This site has everything! If you’re looking to buy a small dwelling of your own, it’s got listings across Canada and the U.S. If you’re looking for a vacation or longer term rental, it’s got that, too. Looking for blueprints and plans for building your own treehouse or earthly abode? I came across one of those, as well.

I followed this post back to its author, Laura Moreland, and I’m happy to report that she has her own Canadian tiny house blog about her small home near Kingston, Ontario. Check that out for tips, inspiration, and treehouse ideas.

As far as I’ve seen, tinyhouselistings.com doesn’t explicitly mention treehouses, but everything about this site applies to them. If you’re at all interested in small dwellings, whether or not they’re located up a tree, you’re going to be as thrilled as I am about this wondrous online universe.

For tiny home gearheads, they’ve got a ton of tantalizing goodies for making your place more comfortable, environmentally friendly, and space and time efficient.

For those interested in cool design take your treehouse ideas to a new level, you’ll find a few eye-popping treats.  If you’re looking for a directory of small house builders who could build your treehouse, here it is. Looking for a workshop where you can learn the skills to build your own treehouse?  Look no further.  Want to view and buy treehouse plans?  Voila. …I’m telling you, this site is a gold mine!

Got more resources for treehouse ideas?

Check out the site and let us know what you think. Do you have any other cool links to great resources like this one? By all means, spill the beans below, will ya?

Thanks for your Facebook post, Lesley : )

Image credit: Tinyhouselistings.com