Building a Treehouse? Read This!

The frame for the treehouse featured in the book Treehouse Chronicles

Are you building a treehouse, or thinking about it?  Then this book is a must-have for you.  A quote from the book makes the case compellingly:

I’m not alone. Young, old, or in between, wealthy or of modest means, everyone dreams about treehouses – and the magic of life aloft. Join us now for a tour of the Uppermost House. We’ll show you around, explain how stuff works, and perhaps shed some light on why we did this nutty thing in the first place. But be forewarned – we will not be held responsible for any spontaneous inspiration. (p. 116)

A Phenomenal Treehouse Resource

Treehouse Chronicles: One Man’s Dream of a Life Aloft by S. Peter Lewis and T.B.R. Walsh is the perfect coffee table book for anyone interested in treehouses or life. The 9”x12” hardcover book is a testament to, and product of, the 4-year process of building a treehouse from conception to completion.

If you’re considering building a treehouse or are curious about the many problems, solutions and details that arise during the creation of a treehouse, this is the book for you. Walsh’s illustrations and Lewis’s writing conspire to reveal a profoundly creative building process – for instance, an imaginative drawbridge staircase with a comically overthought latch.

The book offers many ideas, images and specifications for building a treehouse, flowing from the construction of a hexagonal timberframe treehouse that hugs a central tree. It’s more of a how-not-to than a how-to book and will help you avoid many of the inevitable pitfalls they encountered while building a treehouse.

Treehouse Chronicles is impeccably written. As an avid reader and professional writer, I know stellar writing when I see it and this is it at its finest. Peter Lewis is endowed with a generous streak of poetic genius and tremendous insight into what it is to be human.

Not Just About Building a Treehouse

It’s enthralling because it incorporates not just the construction aspects, but the lives lived and grown through the process of building a treehouse. Few if any dreams are built by one alone. Lewis worked intimately with his visionary friend, business partner and co-author Ted Walsh, and his son Jeremiah, affectionately known as “Miah,” who came of age during his participation in the manifestation of his father’s treehouse dream.

This is much more than just a book about building a treehouse – it’s a tribute and manifesto to life that will restore your faith and pump blood back into your dreams. Treehouse Chronicles is a homage to the magic of Nature and Life, such as a full page devoted to Peter’s enchanting memory of a close encounter with a warbler at twilight; another a beautiful ode to the mystical power of silence.

Wisdom recognizes all the ups and downs of life and late in the treehouse building process, Peter suffers a profound loss. He shares that experience as part of his personal journey of life during the treehouse building years. Peter doesn’t flinch or shut down; instead he takes his readers with him through the heart of his pain and healing and we are all richer for that bravery. His willingness to share his life so courageously is what makes this book a magical gem for all lovers of wisdom, whether or not they ever plan on building a treehouse.

Image: Treehouse Chronicles website