Treehouse Zip Lines

someone zip lining from a treehouse

Ever fantasized about being on a mountain or up a tree and having a magical zip line that would zoom you through space?  That dream isn’t far from reality.  Wanna build an Ewok treehouse village, whisking from tree to tree?  Then zip lines are the way to go!

3 zip line resources to get you started

  • Make Magazine’s zip line article.  It’s pretty straightforward and explains the process in 3 steps, including how to test and set up your zip line for safety.  The only thing I’d add to it is to advise that if you end up nailing planks of wood to a tree to prevent the zip line from growing into it, make as few holes in the tree as possible: for the tree’s health, fewer larger holes are better than many smaller holes.
  •  I like the site because it’s super easy to read and navigate, they’re upfront about the prices, and last but certainly not least, they include a handy-dandy guide on how to build a zip line as well as other resources and info on their knowledge base page.  The zip line kit costs around $300 and looks like it installs pretty easily.  That’s not too bad for a permanent zip line adventure in your own backyard!
  •  It’s got some great ideas and things to think about when buying zip line parts and installing the zip line.  It also links to a page that tells you how to build a zip line, including a lot of safety considerations.  Finally, it has a video of someone using their treehouse zip line!

If you’re looking for examples of people who’ve paired zip lines with treehouses, Michael Garnier, a treehouse wizard who I’ve written about before, has laced zip lines through his impressive and ever-growing treehouse village.  In fact last October, he hosted a “World Treehouse and Zipline Symposium”, so the world of treehouses and the world of zip lines are becoming more and more connected in people’s minds.

If you feel inspired enough now to build a zip line, you can thank me by sending images of your job well done!  And please leave your thoughts in the comments below…we’d love to hear from you.  In the meantime, happy building : )