The John Malkovich Treehouse

John Malkovich's Treehouse

Did you know that John Malkovich had a treehouse?

Here’s the scoop:  The year was 1993.  The place, near Malkovich’s Provence, France house.  A group of local residents was lobbying for a treehouse in a nearby park.   Malkovich contributed money to the project.  For those of you familiar with government reactions to treehouses, it will be no surprise that the group was unable to get a permit.  The project never happened.

But that’s not the end of the story.  Malkovich contacted the treehouse designer, artist Clare Wilks, and asked her to build a treehouse on his property for his children, Loewy and Amandine.  They were 3 and 5 years old respectively in 1995, the year the treehouse was built.

According to Paula Henderson & Adam Mornement in their book, Treehouses, Malkovich gave a lot of input to the final design.  It featured a womb-like woven treehouse and adjacent canopy raised above an elevated log walkway.  Malkovich wanted the material to be renewable and locally harvested, hence the willow weave, which has a very short lifespan.

The John Malkovich treehouse is no longer in prime condition – the willow no longer weaves through the structures but the framework still exists.  Who knows?  Maybe one day Mr. Malkovich will resurrect it – perhaps for his grandchildren.