Canadian Handy”man” Directory

Canadian Handy"man" Directory

I  came across this great handy”man” directory I thought would be useful for Canadians looking for professional treehouse help.  Though it’s not a treehouse builders’ directory (which David & I hope to bring you in the future), it is a great place to look for people with professional skills who may be interested in applying their expertise to helping you build your treehouse.

This is more than just a directory — you can ask the pros q’s.

You can get free reno estimates…you may be able to use this service for treehouse estimates.

There’s a Contractor Hiring Tips page to help you insure yourself against unnecessary costs and frauds.  It advises you on how to negotiate working with a contractor from the first conversation to the finished product and all the steps along the way:

•  Planning the Project
•  Selecting a Qualified Contractor
•  Assessing Bids
•  Get a Written Contract
•  The Contract
•  Contract Forms
•  As the Project Progresses
•  Dealing with Problems
•  Payment and Holdbacks
•  Printable Forms
•  Useful Links and Resources
•  Home Owners’ Guide

You can also post your project so that contractors can see it and interested contractors can contact you with quotes.  If you end up using this site, please let me know about your experiences!