JK Rowling and the £150,000 Hogwarts Luxury Treehouse

JK Rowling's Luxury Treehouse

Luxury Treehouses – A Rising Trend

I’ve been reading a lot lately about luxury treehouses.  It seems the well-to-do are just as enticed by the back-to-nature movement and are doing it in style.

This summer JK Rowling applied to have a 40-foot-high cluster of luxury treehouses for her children.  Construction is to begin soon.  Check out the Harry Potter-like images of the plans at The Daily Mail and The Telegraph.

“The writer…applied to have the massive structures, estimated to cost £250,000, erected as part of a programme of renovations at her house in Edinburgh. They are intended to be used by her son David, nine, and his younger sister Mackenzie, seven, who will each get their own two-storey house. They are each almost 40ft high and feature secret tunnels and bay windows,” reports The Daily Mail. 

I think I was born into the wrong family.

Photo: The Daily Mail