Okinawa’s Treehouse Restaurant

okinawan treehouse

Okay, the actual name of the place is the Naha Harbor Diner, known in  Japanese as Gajumaru, but isn’t it easier to remember it as the treehouse restaurant?

And, okay, it’s not a real tree, but what the heck do you want for the heart of Okinawa?  In fact, I think it’s cooler that they went to such lengths to make a tree in the middle of the city.

And a mighty looking tree it is!  This massive ode to the tree hoists the restaurant 20 feet into the air.  You can get up to restaurant level either by the spiral stairs visible in the above image or by an elevator, which is accessible through an opening in the base of the trunk.

Pinar’s blog says the restaurant uses “locally grown and organic harvested foods fresh from the farm.”  If you’re in Okinawa or planning to be, what more of an incentive does any treehouse lover need?

Sarah Forte’s article on Gajumaru in the online publication Okinawa Hai gives directions to the restaurant:

“Gajumaru is located next to Naha Harbor on 58. (On some maps this is the point where 58 becomes 331, but it is the same road.) If you are driving south on 58 you will cross a bridge over the harbor and can see the restaurant from the bridge. After crossing the bridge, turn left at the giant treehouse! Parking for the restaurant is behind the tree and surrounded by a rental car lot. Walk to the back of the giant tree and you will see a smaller branch of the tree, which is the elevator.”

Featured image: inomochi online zine

Above image: Multticlique