Blue Forest – Treehouse Pros

Blue Forest Treehouse

David & I love to blog about treehouses.  But we’re also looking to make this site more useful to those who are looking for people who will either build or teach them the skills to build their own treehouses.

In that spirit, here’s a company from England, called Blue Forest, that does just that.  They come highly recommended with an established track record for their amazing architectural and design know-how.

They get the ecological aspects of treehouses and consult on how to build any structure in a more environmentally friendly way.  Fret not…though they hail from England, they work internationally.  This company would be excellent for someone with deep pockets and a yen for nothing but the best.

If you don’t have such deep pockets, no worries…we’ll be blogging about less expensive builders and designers.  If you’re a treehouse builder or have the professional skills (carpentry, architecture, design and/or engineering), drop us a line and we’ll put the word out.

We’d like to put together a directory of contacts so that people looking for treehouse builders or consultants can find the help they need, so this is a great opportunity to get your name out there.

We get emails from people asking if we can help them with their treehouse project and it would be great if we could connect the people with the skills with the people with the needs.

In the meantime…enjoy these Blue Forest treehouses!