Michael Garnier’s Treehouse Village

I was talking treehouse at a friend’s wedding this weekend with one of the guests. He told me about this amazing video of a man in Oregon who built the biggest treehouse.

I’ve heard the largest treehouse claim from various sources before, so I wasn’t sure if I knew who he was talking about. He sent me the video from his phone and I watched it the next day.

It is indeed one of the people I had in mind when he mentioned the world’s largest treehouse.  None other than Michael Garnier, longtime treehouse enthusiast and builder, and inventor of the Garnier Limb.

I blogged about his humungous treehouse previously in my Out’n’About in Treehouse Heaven! post.  It was exciting to be able to get a more in-depth perspective on both the man and the treehouse village he put together.

If you’re thinking about building or expanding your treehouse, wanting to upgrade your skills, or learn about the best treehouse hardware, this video is a must see.  Michael shows you how to build a treehouse that will last well beyond the 10 to 20 year life expectancy of conventionally-built structures.

A case in point: the staircase from one landing up to one of the treehouses.  It’s built between two trees, the staircase attached to one, the landing to another.  If they were attached, they would eventually get torn apart by the trees’ movement.  Solution?  Leave them unattached so the staircase can shift freely.

Anyway, I can go on and on about all the great vistas, up-close treehouse footage, and tons of information in this video, but why not just watch it and see for yourself?

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Photo: faircompanies.com