Wise Words From Peter Bahouth


Peter Bahouth in his Treehouse

A few months ago, I wrote a blog about Peter Bahouth’s treehouse in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia.  Following the Weather Channel’s cue (the original source of my blog), I referred to him as an architect.

Peter read the post and emailed me: “Nice to be mentioned. But I’m NOT an architect. In fact I often stress that tree houses are the one structure you don’t have to be an architect to build. Even a child can build one….”

I stand corrected; I’ve since changed my original post to reflect his email.  His words serve as yet one more reminder that you don’t have to have mad skills to build a little dream home getaway amongst the trees.

Shortly before I got his email, I came across this two-part more introspective interview with Peter that the Weather Channel published.  When I watched it, I thought it would make a great follow-up story because it gives you a far better sense of Peter, the man behind (and often in) the treehouse.

Peter has worked passionately for the environment for many years and his enthusiasm really comes across in the interview. He does a great job capturing what I feel is the quintessential spirit behind treehouse building – that reverence for life and desire to connect with nature.

He makes a very important connection between the commune with nature we seek in our own lives and the need to take action in the world to protect nature. It’s one thing to build a little house in the trees for your own private solace. But what about the bigger picture?  Peter reminds us that we all have a role to play in changing the destructive ways humankind has been interacting with nature.

We’re leaving fewer and fewer wild spaces for all living beings’ survival and enjoyment.  And we all know about accelerating pollution from human activities.  How do we transform our love for nature into meaningful action to preserve and restore nature spaces?

Maybe next time you’re dreaming about, or building, or maybe even living in your ideal treehouse, you can ponder this question.  Let me know what you come up with!

In the meantime, I hope you feel inspired by Peter’s wisdom…

photo credit: Garden & Gun