Broccoli Treehouse

broccoli tree matchstick treehouse

Okay, here’s a little fun one to round out your week.  I came across this wonderful idea on  If you can’t build a full-sized treehouse, consider scaling your project down.  waaaaaaay down, friends.

Buy (or preferably grow) your own (preferably organic) broccoli, carefully selecting for a balanced canopy.  Next, get your hands on a box or two of matchsticks, depending on how big a treehouse you want.

You’ll also need a sharp knife/exacto blade and some wood glue.  Then you’re set to build a treehouse in an afternoon!

Presumably this one has an internal entrance because the ladder doesn’t appear to connect to the house from the camera’s vantage.  The treehouse itself appears to be well anchored by two main support beams.  Very cool.

There are a few disadvantages to the broccoli treehouse that I thought I’d point out before you undertake this project:

  • Your “tree” has no roots and therefore has a relatively short life span.  Something to consider when considering your investment in anchor points and hardware.  Your tree will first wither and sog and finally rot down into a mushy rotting pile or a dry, shrivelled corpse in a couple of weeks.
  • The broccoli doesn’t balance well on its own and will therefore need its own supports.
  • Building accessories like furniture and secret entrances is only for the truly determined.   (And keen of sight!)

I hope this treehouse humour put a smile on your face…have a great week, fellow treehouse lovers : )  If you do decide to make something along these lines or already have, let me know and send a pic and I’ll share it in a blog.

photo credit: LaserBread