Upside-Down Treehouses

Deer Stands - Upside-down Treehouses

Okay, the treehouses aren’t actually upside-down. But I liked the title and I felt it captured something essential about the topic of this post: hunters turning spartan hunting outposts into citified treehouses.  Then I read this one and this one.

What started out as rudimentary hunting perches have (d)evolved(?) into full-fledged forest houses. Originally hunters made hunting platform out of small trees cut down and anchored to larger trees.  These platforms gave them a better line of sight on their prey.

But, people being people, the longing for ever-more comfort led to increasingly plush accommodations.  Now some of these hunting posts are nothing short of houses in the forest, complete with satellite dishes and big-screen TVs.

Some hunters have cleared and thinned the surrounding forest to give them better visibility into the woods, and have planted gardens to lure deer to within easy shooting range.  The abundance of these practices have rankled government officials who feel it’s essentially privatizing “public” (actually First Nations’) land, and those who enjoy the sanctity of wilderness.

Though these hunting stations have some of the same qualities as treehouses, they’re actually the exact opposite — turning quiet connection with nature into another form of escape and, ultimately disrespect for the tree and animal life that live there.


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