Treehouse Living off the Land

Treehouse Living off the Land

Here’s an inspiring story for those of you who dream about living in a treehouse and living off the land.  Can it be done?  Well Nick Weston, a 28-year old man living near Sussex, England did it as a six-month experiment into self-sufficiency.

He built his own treehouse, grew his own veggies and hunted his own meat.  Doing so, he was able to live on very little money.  In just six weeks he completed his treehouse, which cost him about $700 to build.  His daily expenses ran him around a dollar or two per day.

One of the things he loves about his experience is that it brought him closer to his surrounding community with whom he developed exchange and financial relationships.  He savoured his free time spent reading and reflecting away from the hubbub of city life.

His story is reminiscent of Henry David Thoreau, who lived in the woods for six months.  That time away from city life allowed him to focus and evolve his ideas in peace.  It formed the foundation of a very active and revolutionary life.

A lot can be said about spending time in solitude and communion with nature.  Nick Weston has shown it can be done.  Hopefully this will stoke your pioneering fires and take one (more) step toward treehouse living — even if only in your backyard.

If you’re looking for some help in getting wild and you’re in his neck of the woods, Nick teaches his wilderness living skills.  Check out his website for more on his story and details about his school.

Photos from the Daily Mail