Sustainable Costa Rican Treehouse Community — A Slice of Heaven

Costa Rican Treehouse Community Finca Bellavista

Looks like I’ve died and gone to heaven again.  This time it’s over a sustainable Costa Rican treehouse community called Finca Bellavista.

Don’t believe me?  Well I’ve included a fancy dancy video to prove that, as Belinda Carlisle so aptly put it, heaven is a place on Earth.

I brought you a story recently about a treehouse community and hotel with zip lines.  Well, turns out this place has them, too!  You get from treehouse to treehouse by zipping through the Costa Rican jungle, whizzing through the lush canopy, surrounded by wildlife of every shape, size and colour.  How much more amazing could one place get?

Founders Matt Rath and Erica Hogan worked very hard to make their dream of this growing treehouse community a reality.  They, along with a committed group of helpers, build one or two every year and people (like you) can rent one out and stay in this tropical paradise.

The object is to be 100% self-sufficient.  To that end, they grow most of their own food, capture rain water, and use micro-hydro from the local waterways.  Nuff said…lean back, watch the video and prepare to be amazed.

You might also want to grab the phone because you’re going to be tempted to call your travel agent.  Places are for short- and long-term rent as well as for sale.  It could be the best move you ever make!