Treehouse Tent From a Great Design Site

Tent Treehouse

Are you looking for great treehouse design ideas?

Doing my usual trolling for all things treehouse, I came across this super duper design website,  It rocks, okay?

It has a section dedicated to treehouses.  How cool is that?  This site goes well beyond treehouses, including a lot of really cool inventions, like a trash compactor that works by you stomping on it.

Or the bowl that serves as a scale, using weight markings on the exterior which read weight according to water dispersion.  Just put it in a container of water and read how high up the side of the bowl it rises and you’ve got your weight.

Okay, so they’re not all useful, but they’re really intriguing ideas made physical.  There are a lot of design ideas for building homes which can be applied to building treehouses.  The eco-themed designs are a case in point, as are the designs that integrate visually with nature.

Here’s one of the treehouse ideas: a treehouse tent!  I’d never thought of that before.  It’s portable, hangs from three trees, and houses the same number of people.  This would be a really fun camping option for adults and children alike.  No more sleeping on rocky ground, and no more need to lug around cushioning for under your sleeping bag.

I think this is also a great idea for temporary shelters for homeless people.  Of course, a better idea would be to give homeless people the resources they need (emotional, psychological and otherwise) to secure shelter.  But, until/unless the social system and the selfish human mindset changes dramatically, treehouse tents may be one solution for people who have nowhere else to live.

Not that being in a forest in your treehouse tent would be such a bad thing.  For many, myself included, it could be a real dream home — presumably relatively inexpensive, easily moveable and transportable, with a very small footprint, and designed for quiet living in the living forest.