World’s Tallest Treehouse

world's tallest treehouse

So, I recently blogged about what is reputed to be the world’s largest treehouse.  Now here’s what many claim to be the world’s tallest treehouse.  With 10,000 square feet of space, it’s no midget in its own right.  This massive structure in Crossville Tennessee rivals the legendary Tower of Babel.

Which is fitting because it was built at the behest of the G-O-D.  That’s what builder Horace Burgess says, who spent 11 years building this 97-foot-tall ten story structure.  He says God told him that if he built a treehouse in the name of the divine, he would never run short of building supplies.  Looks like someone kept their word.

Because he built the whole thing out of reclaimed wood and other building materials, it cost him a song to build — under $20,000, an average of less than $2,000 a floor!

This treehouse is so massive, it has its own basketball court, a whack of balconies, a spiral staircase, and a chapel with its own choir loft.

This treehouse really shows what’s possible if you put your mind to it.  You probably don’t need or want anything this massive; in fact the common ideal for treehouse living is something small and simple.  But if you put as much grit into your dream treehouse as Horace Burgess did, chances are you’d have a piece of heaven on earth.

Hopefully this inspires you to make a little tree home of your own where you can get away from it all.
basketball court inside the world's tallest treehouse

photos: The Daily Mail Online