Canadian Treehouse Caters to Young and Old



Here’s another amazing Canadian treehouse.  This one, in Durham, Ontario, is built by interior designer Lynne Knowlton.

She built it out of a friend’s barn that got destroyed in a tornado a couple of years ago.  The local reclaimed material translates into very low environmental footprint in terms of fossil fuels consumed and emitted in transportation as well as reducing landfill waste and carbon emissions from burning wood.

Keeping in this theme, she also incorporated a variety of other nearby used elements, including a sink from a neighbour’s backyard  and a wood stove from her previous home.

She also included a slide that was reclaimed from an old playground that a friend of hers tore down, adding a whimsical and kid-friendly touch a very environmentally friendly design.  She hints in her blog that the slide really isn’t just for the children — the adults love it and use it too!

Lynne’s designer’s mind makes this place both a visual and functional treat as the photo above reveals.  She’s very cleverly used space, turning a gorgeous natural-edge chunk of wood into a bar that seats four.

It seems like it incorporates all the best features of a treehouse: it’s built in consideration of nature, it’s a quiet oasis away from the hustle and bustle, it’s a fully functional living space with design highlights lacking in even many upscale homes, and it caters the the child in all of us, no matter what age.

For more inspiration and images, like the two I used for this post, check out her website.