When is a Treehouse not a Treehouse?

The Treehouse Pub

Question: When is a treehouse not a treehouse?

Answer: When it’s anything else.

Doing online research for treehouses is an interesting activity.  The vast majority of the sites that come up in a Google search for treehouses have little or nothing to do with treehouses.

There’s Treehouse TV, which has nothing to with treehouses.  It’s a TV station for kids.  Then there’s Treehouse Web Design.  I don’t think they’re designing websites in the forest canopy.

How about Fashion Treehouse?  A haute couture agency living over the forest floor?  Nope.  While there are trees in some of their photos, no treehouse anywhere in sight.

Treehouse soap and shampoo?  Manufactured in an urban factory.  No stated connection to a treehouse on their website.

Then there’s the relatively local and gorgeous Treehouse Cafe on Salt Spring Island.  I’ve seen it numerous times and, while it’s alluringly situated under cover of trees, none of those times was it, as the name suggests, a treehouse.

I recently stumbled across a local haunt called the Treehouse Neighbourhood Pub.  Oh, someone built a huge treehouse pub?  How exciting!  I sent them an email to find out whether my wildest dreams had come true.

Here’s how it went:

me: is your cafe a treehouse?

the treehouse neighbourhood pub: Hi. No, we have a tree in the middle of our patio 🙂


Why do so many places, companies and brands use the name treehouse when they aren’t treehouses, weren’t conceived in treehouses, didn’t use a treehouse as a stop off point, and don’t even refer to treehouses beyond the name?

I guess because it captures a free and whimsical feeling that captivates people’s imaginations and draws them to these sites.  Less talk, more treehouses, I say!