Holy Treehouse!

Treehouse Chapel in France

How’s this for a treehouse?

The Chêne chapelle in France is possibly the oldest treehouse in the world.  Okay, it’s not exactly a treehouse; it’s a treechurch. The English translation of its name is “oak chapel”, which describes what it is in two words while understating its grandeur.  The 15 metre-high tree i(about 45 feet tall) is 16 metres around at its base (around 48 feet) and hosts two chapels, which were built in 1669, accessed by an exterior staircase that spirals around the trunk.  Miraculously, the tree is still living!  No one knows exactly how old the tree is, but the consensus is that it’s between 800 and 1200 years old!!

The tree was converted into the chapels after lightning hit the tree and created a hollow centre, which some viewed as a divine sign.  Still living today, the tree is now propped up to support the ancient tree in its old age.

Detail of Treehouse Chapel in France


(top photo is from Wikipedia, bottom photos are from inhabitat.com)