HemLoft: Treehouse on the Edge

The story of HemLoft has caught the public imagination like wildfire.  Just after finding out about it myself, I had two friends email me the link to the webiste.  When a coworker of mine said he’d gone up to Whistler to ski, I asked him if he’d heard about HemLoft.  Hell, a couple of friends of his had actually followed the clues in the story and found it!

This story is even more personally compelling because it’s relatively local.  After Joel’s story was picked up by the media and published in Dwell magazine, this once-secret treehouse has acquired a sky-high profile with international exposure.

It’s not just the story of how this treehouse came into existence that’s intriguing, nor its eye-catching beauty, but the story of Joel and Heidi’s romance that unfolded and gave birth to the HemLoft.  Without that love, the HemLoft would probably have never evolved beyond an empty wooden structure, and would have been an art piece rather than the fully furnished home that it is today.

All great stories have their conflicts and crises and this one is no exception.  The HemLoft, built without licences or permission, is located near probably the wealthiest Whistler residences and since it’s high-profile exposure, its fate hangs in the balance.

Will HemLoft be allowed to stay or will government and private interests do what they so often do, which is to search and destroy treehouses, treating them as some sort of threat to the enforced and legislated edifice of law and order?

Only time will tell.  For now, enjoy the beautiful images and Joel’s captivating story.  I’ll let you know what happens to it when I find out.  If you’ve caught wind of new developments, or want to share your impressions, I’d love to hear from you.