An In-city Retreat

“It’s very important to have some place in your life that’s a bit of a retreat from everything…that you can just sit and hear the birds,” says treehouse builder Peter Bahouth, who spends much of his leisure time in his urban treehouse oasis. “My personality has changed out here…I’m more focused, I’m more calm — it just kind of lowers your blood pressure.”

Treehouse Walkway

Here’s an inspiring video of the three-treehouse getaway he built right in the middle of Atlanta, Georgia.  Peter’s vision gives me a lot of hope for how humans could begin to live more harmoniously with Mother Earth.  Instead of clearing land and “developing it”, he respected the wild space that was already there and incorporated the trees into his model.  He also used re-used materials instead of buying new, with striking results.

Peter’s not a professional builder, which demonstrates once again that people without professional know-how manage to build impressive tree structures all the time.  The important thing is the desire.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way, as they say.  Interested in starting?  Here’s a way to a great treehouse building guide to get you started.  Let me know about your progress; I’d love to hear from you.

photo credit: Shedworking