Instant Pop-up Treehouse

flat pack instant treehouse

Here is a nifty instant up treehouse from Sam van Veluw and Rogier Martens at the Aandeboom design studio in the Netherlands.

The flat-pack treehouse they call the “Zelfbouwboomhut” is a plywood structure, made up of puzzle-like pieces, that comes shipped in a flat cardboard box and can be set-up and hung in a tree in minutes. Its light weight, its portable, its fast to setup, and its fun!

I like the use of nylon straps to both hang the house on the tree and also to hold the puzzle pieces together. It is an ingenious idea, if you ask me, because the tree suffers no real damage (as long and the weight is kept down) and the house can be transported, set up, and taken down quickly and without any tools. Other strap supported treehouse ideas I’ve talked about previously use pieces of rubber (like old inner tubes) to add an extra layer of abrasion protection between the tree and the straps.

Now, it must be said that this is a treehouse for children, small children at that and not too many of them at once. And, it’s a very temporary tree house setup. I’m thinking its quick set-up and take down makes it best used for the day, or for a few weeks max, and then take it down.

At first view I see parents of young children using something like this as a play pen in a tree in the back yard. Or an outdoor tree crib. Or a folding tree fort that can be taken to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Especially if one of the parents is handy, this is something that can be made in very little time with some plywood and a jigsaw with some big rewards. Doesn’t get much easier than that!

On the other hand, I’d be curious to see what something like this would turn into if left in the hands of some of the homeless people around here — a mobile flat-pack accommodation a bit bigger than this that could fit in a shopping cart would be a real prize. Anything to get off the ground and keep the weather off. That’s really not what this idea is intended for; however it is a transient scenario many people find themselves in.

I hope that kids who get to experience the joy of treehouse while young somehow gain the necessary things they need to grow up avoid having to live in one out of necessity as an adult. And I like this because it makes it that much easier for parents to be able to provide that experience to their kids.