Toronto’s Elliott Treehouse

elliott treehouse

Designed by Nicko Björn Elliott and built in Toronto, Canada, this treehouse has some great design ideas for do-it-yourself builders.

First, I have to say, I really like the use of the translucent fiberglass siding throughout. If you’re not concerned about insulating for warmth, this material is cheap, very weatherproof, and allows for a bright and airly feel to the structure. Its kind of like an atrium in a tree, or a greenhouse lantern.

Second, I like the use of the bench around the base. Many people build treehouses without considering how the space below it will be used. The area under the treehouse is a convergence point — like the front porch of your home — and it takes a lot of wear and tear from this traffic.

The Elliott treehouse has benches installed below it that also double as a walkway to provide for the high traffic and activity. Covering this area at the base of the tree makes it more usable as a gathering place, and serves as another informal room to the tree house similar to an outdoor covered deck (the treehouse above providing shade and rain protection). This is not only a functional consideration, but also essential for protecting the roots at the base of the tree from damage. Again, a great combination of form and function.

Lastly, no tree house would be complete without some extra fun-factor installed. A swing or fireman’s pole are popular options, and this design’s use of a pole is great. There is a circuit there: up the ladder, across the treehouse (look through windows along the way), slide down the pole, walk the benched back to the stairs, up and do it all over again. This cycle is good for hours and hours of play.

(via Dezeen)