Urban Treehouse Living with Shipping Containers

For more on the ‘treeless treehouse’ theme, German designer Lars Behrendt has conceived of an incredible tower called the Lotto Turm.

The tower uses 55 shipping containers stacked up into the shape of an urban residential and office space treehouse.

The structure is designed to look as organic as possible with a spiral pathway that circles around the building and plant gardens that will accentuate the varied vertical landscape.

It is proposed to be located in the center of Stuttgart, Germany, in the centre of a roundabout called Oesterreichischer Platz which, for the last 40 years, has been used as a parking lot.

The shipping container design also creates a noise-free courtyard, relying on elevation and shape to dampen the nearby traffic sounds, and is intended as a low cost way to increase the usefulness of this underutilized paved space.

Article via designboom