Ecocoon Treehouse Concept

Ecocoons are an eco retreat variation on the treehouse by London based architect Mathieu Collos.

His design features a split level floorspace with different wall and floor orientations intended to optimize views and the interestness of the space. This also permits the use of full sized opening panels for terraced viewing and ventilation in the warmer months.

A single tree trunk is the foundation of the design, and is included as an interior element like a rough and rounded wall. The pentagonal structure of the cocoon is made from insulated panels with fiberglass or metal exteriors. Like in my previous post, this choice of materials can be lightweight and durable for a minimal impact on the tree.

The structure is hung with steel cables from branches above it, however no details on the precise mounting method. Another point of criticism I have is that the tree trunck looks to have a gasket around where it meets the roof. This is a no win design choice: It is impossible to make a seal between the trunck and a roof that stops the weather. The bark is an irregular soggy sponge that continuously expands over time, and if the seal bites into the bark deeply, the tree will die.

I like the concept and the design, but I’d situate it in two or more trees to make it more realistic year-round lodging option.